A Leased Line offers a business far more than just an Internet connection. It provides fast, secure access to Internet-based tools and technologies that boost both the capacity of your network and the productivity of your people.


The Internet Leased Line Solutions provided by Sky Network can empower your business with reliable high speed connectivity that never falters. We fully understand the needs of Businesses and Enterprises which are on the fast track to growth and expansion. Our solutions have the flexibility and versatility to change with your changing needs and we also offer a host of services and applications to support your growing needs and ensure your business enjoys the maximum benefits of a dedicated line.


We provide an unmatched combination of bandwidth, minimal packet losses, lower round trip time and zero downtime which adds value to the customers business. If you are searching for a 24/7, high-bandwidth connectivity to support active networks, Web servers, large data and file transfers, and multimedia applications, Sky Network’s Dedicated Internet lease access is the answer for you !


We at Sky Network support various features, benefits and pricing, enabling you to start with a cost-effective solution that will grow alongside your business.

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